Soulshaker is recognised Internationally as being one of the most successful writing and production outfits in the global music industry and have become one of the ‘go to’ names whenever a label, management company or artist need a surefire hit production or remix for their project.
Soulshaker’s most recent accolade to shout about was their
#1 Billboard Chart Hit in the US for the Deborah Cox single ‘Let The World Be Ours Tonight’ which they co-wrote and produced in late 2017.
Aside from this, the guys have enjoyed well over 50 original Soulshaker productions entering the top 10 of the UK’s Official Music Week Charts which includes many #1 singles in both the Top 100 Upfront Club or Top 40 Commercial Pop Chart in the last two years alone, and literally dozens of hit remixes for both the key independents and major labels alike.

The guys are working on projects constantly for the Major Labels and key independent labels and in their own right as Artist’s have had many releases on all of the key labels.

In 2014 Soulshaker was presented with the ‘Best International Dance Producers Award’ at the Malta Music Awards, which was a 10,000 capacity event shown live across Europe to tens of millions of viewers.

Some of Soulshaker’s remixes and or productions as part of Soulshaker have been for the likes of Keri Hilson, Mary J Blige, Karen Harding, Union J, Super Junior, Afrojack, Chaka Khan, Nicole Scherzinger, Snoop Dog, Deborah Cox, Lindsay Lohan, Judge Jules, Paul Harris, Steve Mac, Herb Alpert, Ultra Nate, Robin S, Martha Wash, Bonnie Anderson, Noelia & Ce Ce Peniston amongst many many others.

As writers they are signed via Galactic Music to some of the leading publishing companies in the World with
Peer Music, Roba Music, Nichion Music and Music Cube.

They are powered by of the Galactic Media Group.
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Soulshaker Currently have 3 productions Top of the UK’s Music Week Dance and Club Charts (w/c 03-05-15) with N:fusion @ #6, Jena @ #5 and Freezie racing into the Top 10 shortly.
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Our Dasco co-write single ‘What I Need’ Video now breaks the 1 Million views mark and rising fast after being signed to Phonetic, Radikal, Kontor, BIP, Time and Blanco Y Negro.
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Very proud to have won the ‘Best International Dance Producers Award’ at the Award ceremony in Europe (Malta), live on TV across Europe.
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Soulshaker are Music Directors and Music Producers of this amazing Award Winning Arena Tour.
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Soulshaker up to mischief on a private Jet to a DJ gig
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DJ Disciple in the studio with Matt and Warren of Soulshaker making tunes :-)
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Gizmo of Soulshaker feeling happy and shattered after a DJ tour haha.
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Great being involved on the dance mixes on the Energy single with Nicole Scherzinger.
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Miss Nine and Soulshaker hanging in Dubai before DJing at the Atlantic Palm alongside Sander Kleinenberg, ATB and others.
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Judge Jules and Soulshaker discussing sponsorship opportunities.
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Bodyrox and Soulshaker - Beer time and music talk.
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Matt Meyers of Soulshaker with Pop star Michelle Heaten of Liberty X
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Super producer DJ Premier, hanging with Matt of Soulshaker, after DJing at a huge event in the Middle East together.
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Chris Willis and Warren of Soulshaker hanging out and chatting future music :-) We are big fans of Chris Willis's amazing voice.
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Matt of Soulshaker hanging with house music legend Cece Rodgers.
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Amazing gig to be asked to perform at alongside some major global artists.
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Currently producing a for Snoop Dog and Wendy Starland for a hot new project.
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Pop Stars, The Honeyz with Soulshaker and Co in the studio
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Warren Meyers of Soulshaker at EMI meeting
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Soulshaker Pukka Up Boat Party DJ Set in IBIZA
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Soulshaker on the best of all time Hed Kandi Album with Hypnotic Erotic Games featuring Lorraine Brown.
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Who we are

Brothers Matt and Warren Meyers, and their honorary brother Gizmo, all from London, UK, and all of whom have been on a musical journey together through the dance scene since back in the early raving days, and of whom are now all respected as being at the very forefront of the dance music evolution.
Contact us.

Telephone: +44(0)7843 006 461
What we do

It's our duty to shake your booty!!